YouTube now allows users to search using voice while casting

The video-sharing platform YouTube has rolled out a new update, allowing its users and subscribers using voice search on mobile devices when casting to your smart TV.

According to a blog by YouTube, the new feature allows people to have easy search for the content on TV and supports both iOS and Android devices. The company has said that the new feature allows users to search for YouTube content on their TVs more easily.

“This feature will allow you to enjoy your favorite HDR videos with more vivid colors and contrasts,” YouTube said in a statement.

“Today we’re excited to share new features and updates that we’ve brought to the YouTube app for TV screens, game consoles and other streaming devices in 2019. Read on for more details!


You can now use “voice search” on mobile devices

Use voice search within the app when casting to your smart TV – available on Android & iOS mobile devices. We hope this new feature allows you to more easily search for your favorite content on your TV.

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More features to give you more control of your experience

  • We introduced a new “Who’s Watching” feature that lets you now switch between different YouTube profiles linked to the device you’re watching on, so everyone in your household will be able to access their own personalized recommendations, subscriptions and catch up with their favorite creators. Note: if you try to cast or open the app on TV app twice during the same day, you’ll be defaulted to the last account you were signed into.
  • You’ll see an updated navigation menu that displays on the left hand side of your screen, making it easier to access your favorite pages like music, news, gaming, and more! See which account you’re signed in from in the top-left corner, above the menu. 

Expanding YouTube’s on TV support to more devices and screen resolutions

  • Earlier this year, we launched the official YouTube app on Amazon Fire TV devices, giving Fire TV users access to a diverse library of video content including music, how-to videos, entertainment, news, gaming, and of course, all your favorite YouTube creators. The official app also works with Alexa, making it easier than ever to watch all your favorite videos on Fire TV.
  • We’re excited to announce that you can now watch YouTube in HDR on PS4 and PS4 Pro, too! This feature will allow you to enjoy your favorite HDR videos with more vivid colors and contrasts,” read the YouTube statement.

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