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Web Series Lagay Hain Sub Kay |Episode 4


Web series Lagay Hain Sub Kay is based on comic events in the life of bachelors who stay together on sharing basis. This is a series that tells us about their life and adventures.

Web Series | Lagay Hain Sub Kay | About this episode

Sarfaraz received a call from his boss who ordered him to visit his house within 10 minutes. He has to hurry or his boss will kick him out. As he was getting worried about going there, he gets another call, this time from boss’s wife.

All the others look at him. While he was speaking on the phone, he suddenly gives a kiss to the phone. His friends look at him and ask what was that. He tells them that every time he gets late, he has to give kisses to his boss’s wife. He leaves everyone in shock.

The Memon friend Rizwan slams him for always complaining about the job and here what he was doing is to please his boss’s wife with kisses. Feeling ashamed, Sarfaraz escapes the situation and leaves.

On the other side, boss and his wife were in intimate position when Sarfaraz came. Boss abuses him for not knocking on the door before entering the house. However, he orders him to stay at his home, get his food and come to office.

After boss leaves, his wife comes near to Sarfaraz and offers him something which Sarfaraz hesitates to take at first. However, after the girl assures that it will stay between them, Sarfaraz agrees.

Now Sarfaraz is about to leave for office. He asks boss’s wife to pack the food so that he could leave. Wife tells him that the food was not ready. He should get it from outside.

Now, the other scene features all three friends of Sarfaraz enjoying at house. Farman is buys in his acting, Rizwan is filming him. The fatso guy Asif comes and takes the advantage of the situation. He starts singing the songs. Both Rizwan and Farman start hitting him for singing wrong lyrics. After they finish, Farman gets a message from Mausam, inviting them for the pending treat. And it’s time for some outing and enjoyment….

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