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Web Series Lagay Hain Sub Kay |Episode 3


Web series Lagay Hain Sub Kay is based on comic events in the life of bachelors who stay together on sharing basis. This is a series that tells us about their life and adventures.

Web Series | Lagay Hain Sub Kay | About this episode

In this episode, the four guys are seen running towards their house, taking the advantage of the blast the fatso did at the house of that gangster. Now they are free and go to their home.

When they reach at a place, they get a call from the gangster’s girlfriend which they had named as ‘Mausam’ (weather). they decide to take her call and abuse her for setting them up and taking them as hostage. On the other side, the girl thanks them and tells them that the gangster was following her and forcing her to stay with him. Because of these guys, now he is in coma and she is free from his restraint. The guys become happy that they saved her.

In the next scene, Farman is seen sleeping. Suddenly he wakes up after something comes in his mind. He quickly leaves the bed and runs towards the hall. As he reaches there, two other all also looking for something. The fatso is sitting in the washroom as usual.

Having no idea about whatever they were looking for, the three guys feel disappointed and sit on the couch. Suddenly they run towards the fridge. Actually, they were looking for water. However, fridge was also empty. Oh no, the fatso took all the water to the washroom. They all feel enraged now.

The doorbell rings. It’s the union secretary of the building, holding two bottles of water in hand for them. They all warmly welcome her. All of them except the fatso seem feeling ‘too much’ about Sadaf Aunty. She visits them often and provides them whatever they need. This time it is water. She hands over the bottles to them and asks them to return her previous bottles of water.

After she leaves, Sarfaraz gets a call from his boss. He asks Sarfaraz to do something as soon as possible. As he talks on the call, no one knows what’s going on on the other side. However, as they understand the situation, Sarfaraz fells faint….

Want to know what happened? It’s in our next episode.

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