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Web Series Lagay Hain Sub Kay |Episode 2


Web series Lagay Hain Sub Kay is based on comic events in the life of bachelors who stay together on sharing basis. This is a series that tells us about their life and adventures.

Web Series | Lagay Hain Sub KayAbout this episode

In continuation of episode 1, the two guys Farman and Rizwan could be now seen sitting on the floor in front of a guy and his girlfriend. The house they broke into belonged to the girlfriend of a gangster. And now that gangster has nabbed them and forced them to sit there as a punishment.

The guys start apologizing to both, the gangster and his girlfriend for breaking into their house. While they were making apologies, Farman’s cellphone rings. He picks up the call and asks other two to come as there was a surprise for them. Hearing about the surprise, they both leave the home quickly and rush to them.

When they reach there, they don’t even know what’s waiting inside for them. They enter the house and start bashing on the other two, Farman and Rizwan for being late in opening the door.

The gangster comes from behind and shows them pistol. Now there are four hostages in the house.

Everyone wants to get rid of the situation and go home to save their tail. But gangster and his girlfriend seem in no mood to allow them to leave the place. Suddenly he asks the four as to who wants to die first. All four get a shock while listening to him. No one wants to die for sure.

The girl tells his gangster boyfriend that she has to catch her flight so he should hurry in whatever he wants to do. The guy gets up from couch, points gun at guys and starts seeing their expressions.

While he threatens them, the girlfriend starts walking towards her room. When the gangster comes to the fatso guy from the group of four, and points gun at his chubby tummy, the fat guy starts feeling cramps. It’s not a good sign. As the process gets stronger inside the tummy, something happens that no one knows.

Boom! What was that? Oh thank God. There was a blast from inside the stomach, or say it a fart of the fatso, that changed the situation. Everyone lost their consciousness and fell faint. The story continues….

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