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Web Series Lagay Hain Sub Kay |Episode 1


Web series Lagay Hain Sub Kay is based on comic events in the life of bachelors who stay together on sharing basis. This is a series that tells us about their life and adventures.

About this web series episode | Lagay Hain Sub Kay

In this episode of Lagay Hain Sub Kay, he story starts with one of the four persons, Farman Khan. He is seen going on his bike when he receives call. There is a girl on the other side, asking him for the time to come for a small role in their play. However, Farman, who feels proud, says that he will tell them when he is available. While he was on call, the girl comes to know that she has called the wrong guy. She yells at him and drops the call.

Now, another guy’s entry. The guy who thinks he’s a scientist and always goes for new experiments. This time he made a new shampoo, which was supposed to grow hair. However, whoever used the shampoo, their hair started to fall further. And now he was running to escape when he sees Farman on bike and asks him to take him far from them or else they will kill him.

Both the guys reach home and Farman asks him to tell him the whole story. He tells him about his new product. Farman gets shocked and asks him to keep his products away from him. The other guy taunts him that apart from this product, all of his experiments went successful. Even he gave one of his products to Farman’s mother and she used it. Nothing happened to her. This was another shock for Farman.

While entering the house, they both hear some voices, some intimate voices. Both of them start to listen carefully to those voices. They were coming from upstairs. They both rush towards the location where this was happening. Farman kicks the door and opens it. Oh God, it’s a mistake, they soon realize that and fell ashamed….

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