university ka pyar

University ka Pyar

University ka Pyar, a story of youth who get themselves involved in love affairs, dating and other things instead of focusing on their studies and future. This story shows the seriousness of today’s relationships and how the young generations changes their loyalties in seconds.

In this University ka Pyar, a guy is deeply in love with a girl, his class fellow from the university. they both seem courting each other and look forward to marry in future. The guy’s mother finds about the relationship of his son with the girl and asks him about it. The guy hesitates first but then tells his mother everything about the girl and their relationship. She gets worried about it and decides to talk to his father about it.

On the other side, girl seems dominant on the guy. She gets her stuff done by him and orders him every other second to do what she asks him. The girl’s mother hears her daughter talking to someone over the phone. She asks the girl what’s going on? The girl says it’s nothing.

The mother, who already knows about her relationship, tries to tell her daughter that she should find a better partner who is established and who could take good care of him. The guy she is dating is not suitable for her. The girl laughs and tells her mother there’s nothing like she was thinking. She is only keeping contact with the guy because he does all of her stuff. That’s it. She assures her mother she won’t go for that guy in future. She shouldn’t be worried.

The guy, who is tensed and thinking what would be his father’s reaction when he comes to know about the relationship. His mother and father are fighting over their son’s marriage. The mother wants his son to marry her niece whereas the father wants to see his niece as his daughter-in-law. Finally, they decide to ask their son what he wants.

They both enter the room where the guy is thinking about his girl. They put their wishes in front of him and asks him to choose the girl. Before he chooses, his father tells him that his niece is Canadian national and she would take him to Canada. The guy forgets about his girl and start thinking about travelling to Canada. This is what he wanted in his life. He decides to go with his father;s choice and marry his first cousin. He starts dreaming about flying to Canada and living a lavish life there. The love seems nowhere and the compromise wins!

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how I would define myself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, I have worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, it is my dream to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through my lens. You can write to me at mohsinsoomro10[@] gmail (dot) com)

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