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Run Mureed | Episode 3

Police station, mureed, the wife and the fake gold ring, let’s start. Life is good for Mureed as he brings smile to Kiran’s face. However, he is still worried if she would really check if the jewelry was real. When Kiran goes into the kitchen, Mureed starts getting worried and asks loudly if she was checking the gold. Suddenly Kiran comes to him holding a knife in her hands. This was the moment Mureed thought he is finished. He thinks she is going to kill him. And then Kiran says in a joyful voice, “Let’s cut the cake, sweetheart.” Thank God would be the certain word that would have come in Mureed’s heart. Then both enjoy the taste of the cake.

In the next scene, Mureed is seen sitting in his office room. Murshid looks at him and feels that he’s a little bit worried. He asks what happened? Isn’t his wife happy after getting the jewelry? Mureed replies that she is happy but he is not feeling good by gifting his wife fake jewelry. While they are having a little chit chat, two police constables enter the room and asks for Mureed. They take Mureed to the police station.

Kiran comes at the police station and finds her husband in lock up. She asks why is he behind the bars. He tells her that due to some problems with the cheque he released to one of his clients, the client lodged FIR against him that landed him into jail. Kiran assures Mureed that no matter what, she is always with him.

Kiran then turns to the police constable if there was any possibility to get her husband released. Police constable tells her that her husband has to pay the money in order to get the bail. Kiran leaves the police station thinking what she should do to get her husband out of the prison.

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