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Tu Mera Junoon | Drama Review

Afshaan, our fabulous host with great knowledge about Pakistan’s drama industry, is bringing you the review of GEO Entertainment’s drama serial Tu Mera Junoon. The drama is written by Shabnam Sani and directed by Sami Sani. It is a product of Blue Eye Entertainment, an independent production house in Pakistan.

Tu Mera Junoon is a story of two cousins Hayat (Kinza Hashmi) and Taimoor (Asad Siddiqui) who are the children of sisters-in-law. Hayat is too ambitious, is pursuing her MBA and is in love with her class fellow Salar (Noor Hassan) whom she plans to marry.

While on the other hand, her cousin Taimoor is seen madly in love with Hayat and seems obsessed with her all his life. He doesn’t accept the way Hayat ignores him and loves someone else. He seems in no mood to accept whatever he sees going on.

The moment he knows that Hayat is going to get married to someone else, all the hopes of Taimoor break in front of him and he decides not to allow Hayat to marry any other person.

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His resentment towards Hayat reaches its peak when he attacks her on her wedding night, leaving her permanently scarred. Salar’s love for Hayat is put to the test when Hayat forgives Taimoor and sets him free.

Now the question is that will Hayat’s husband ever accept his wife’s request and forgive Taimoor for what he’s done? And how would Taimoor live with the fact that he has now lost Hayat completely and forever.

Tu Mera Junoon is a dynamic story about a resilient woman’s courage and our society’s attitudes towards physical beauty, disfigurement centered around the theme of love and forgiveness.

The drama is now getting good ratings as fans are loving it. The latest episodes of the drama are already watched by hundreds of drama lovers. Let’s see if this drama beats other productions of competent channels.

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