Noor Jehan

This Pakistani makeup artist pays tribute to Noor Jehan on her death anniversary

Noor Jehan, known as Malika-e-Tarannum (Queen of Melody) ruled hearts of thousands of listeners around the globe for years. Her every song was a true gem and everyone praised her performance and the way of singing.

Not only the common people, but also the high level personalities of Pakistan were fans of Noor Jehan. One of them was former President of Pakistan General Yahya Khan. It is still on record that the Queen of Melody maintained an intimate bond with the then president.

Noor Jehan’s real name was Allah Wasai. However, she changed her name after entering the music industry of Pakistan gained prominence with this name. She was born in 1926 in Kasur, a village in Pakistan’s Punjab.

Malika-e-Tarannum was a Pakistani playback singer and actress who worked first in British India and then in Pakistan. She acted in dozens of movies in her career that spanned more than six decades. 

Today’s marks the 19th death anniversary of Noor Jehan. Fans and her lovers still remember her and shower their blessings on her. Pakistani make-up artist Shoaib Khan also expressed his feelings in a heartfelt death anniversary tribute to legendary artist.

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Khan took to Instagram to pay tribute to Madam Noor Jehan. He wrote:

“It’s been 19 years since Pakistan lost it’s true gem, a true entertainer, an icon, a legend!
Today is marked as the death anniversary of Madam Noor Jehan however it won’t be unjust to say that this legend still lives in our hearts and will continue to do so until the end of times , her melodious voice still captivates the listeners as they did years ago , she might have left for a better place but her songs still calms the storms in this world.”

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