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Think before Uploading Pictures On Social Media

Today’s generation is almost becoming slave of social media like facebook, twitter, tik tok. Either it’s a guy or a girl, no matter how old they are, they seem always busy using the social media tabs. This story also shows something like that.

A guy Asif is seen scrolling down his Facebook timeline when he sees the pictures of his elder sister posted on the social networking site. He gets in much anger after seeing too many pictures of his sister. Asif goes into the room of his sister where she is seen busy taking pictures in her phone.

“What’s this Aapi?” Asif asks.

“What happened?” She looks at him.

“You have posted your pictures on Facebook. Why are you doing that? This is not a good thing,” Asif says to her.

“Come on Asif, come out of that sick thinking now. This is a modern world. And I am doing exactly what I love. Get yourself relieved from that village-type thinking. We are living in a city now,” she replies to him.

Getting that reply, Asif feels disappointed and decides to take the matter with his father when he comes home.

In the next scene, Asif comes to his father who is watching the TV. He asks as if he gave the permission to her daughter to upload pictures on Facebook. His father denies. Asif then sees his sister coming to his father asking for a selfie. He poses with her for the selfie. Asif is seeing everything but can’t say anything.

His sister, while leaving, looks at Asif sarcastically as if she wins. Asif turns towards his father and says this is wrong. Instead of forbidding her to post pictures on Facebook, his father himself was posing for the selfie. Upon this, Asif’s father slams him and asks him to leave.

Asif’s father is coming to home from office when he sees two frivolous guys doing something on his door. When he comes near to them, he sees there’s a picture of his daughter and these guys were writing phone number on it.

“What are you doing?” he asks.

“We are writing down our numbers. So that she could call us,” they replied and laughed.

He abused them and asked them to leave before he call the cops. They leave and while leaving, they annoy him saying that his daughter is amazing. He gets too much angry and enters home.

“Who placed the picture of your sister on the outside door,” Asif’s father asks him.

“I did,” Asif replies. His father slaps him and asks why did he do that. Everyone was looking at his sister’s picture and commenting about her.

Asif tells his father that he should now realize what he wanted to tell him before. It is not good to have pictures of girls posted on these social media tabs as there are hundreds of thousand of these type of guys who comment and share those pictures in other groups. Asif’s father realizes what he wanted to tell him and feels ashamed.

The purpose of this short film was to spread awareness among youth, especially girls to avoid posting their pictures on social media as it was not a safe place and they don’t know what others could do with their pictures.

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