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The Joker | Film Review

The joker movie 2019, a movie of epic proportions. A symbol of the disastrous path being taken by our global society in which we have abandoned all help, hope and goodwill towards other people.

Thinking of ourselves as the victims of the social status that we are born in, we wish to push away society and attain a greater social status. All in the hopes of living a comfortable and luxurious life.

The movie joker 2019 follows the previous philosophy of the character “joker” from the movie Batman the dark knight by showing that it takes just one really bad day for someone to collapse and there will always be a breaking point for people.

However humanities’ greatest strength is the ability to keep hoping against all odds, moving forwards, despite the devastating situations often engineered by other countries and institutions in an attempt to become stronger by stepping on the throats of others.

The joker movie 2019 focuses on the story of one party clown Arthur Fleck who in 1981 lives with his mother, Penny, in Gotham City.

In the movie joker Arthur suffers from a disorder that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times, and depends on social services for medication. Funding cuts shutter the social service program, leaving Arthur without medication.

Drama Action Suspence in Joker 2019

After a gang attacks him in an alley, Arthur’s co-worker, Randall, lends him a gun. Arthur kills Talk show host Murray Franklin who mocks Arthur by showing clips from the routine on his show and is arrested as riots break out across Gotham. One rioter corners the Wayne family in an alley and murders Thomas and his wife Martha, sparing a traumatized Bruce.

Rioters in an ambulance crash into the police car carrying Arthur and free him. He dances to the cheers of the crowd, satisfied that his dedication has finally been achieved.

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