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Run Mureed | Episode 1

Short film by Ibex Media House, In the first episode, the story tells about the fears of a husband [Mureed] who is worried and in hurry to reach home to his waiting wife [Kiran]. They got plans to visit one of Kiran’s friends for her marriage anniversary.

First Scene | Run Mureed | Short Film by Ibex Media House

First scene of short film by ibex media house shows Mureed sitting in the office and looking continuously at the clock that keeps ticking with every passing second. He is in super hurry and making efforts to finish his tasks so that he could leave the office for home. As soon as he finishes his work, he sees his colleague Murshid entering the office room. Mureed finds the golden chance to hand over his leftover work to Murshid and asks him to do the favor for today.

Mureed tells Murshid that he has to leave as there’s some emergency. Murshid asks if he could help him out in this. Mureed refuses and says that all he wants him to do in to take care of the work and deliver the file to the Boss. Mureed leaves as soon as he hands over the file to Murshid. Murshid could do nothing but see him leaving the office premises.

Second Scene

Second scene of short film by ibex media house is inside the home where Mureed enters singing the song. The moment he enters the house, he faces the attack by his wife who throws a tissue box towards him to express her anger. Mureed gets confused and looks at his wife as to ask what did he do now. Kiran roars at him and tells him that he is late by 5 minutes and this was the punishment for him for being ‘too much late’. Mureed surprisingly looks at Kiran and asks what would she do if he gets late by 15 minutes in future? Kiran’s anger multiplies by 3 and she tells him to do so, then he will get the biggest surprise of his life. She leaves saying that. Mureed has no option left but to see her leaving the lounge.

Full of Fun and Joy

Now, Mureed is waiting for his wife to come so that they could go out. He falls sleep while waiting. The next moment is what Mureed would wish to see in real life. He finds himself in a dream where Kiran comes and apologises to him. He holds her hand and asks if it was some kind of dream. Kiran says no he isn’t dreaming and this is real. She smiles and says that she is going to bring him glass of water. Mureed relaxes in joy and waits for her. Suddenly, the scene changes. Mureed finds that it was not what he thinks was going on. Soon, he wakes up from his dream when Kiran throws water in order to break his sleep. This is what Mureed expected. Even he knew very well that he was dreaming. That’s how his life goes on. However, Kiran puts all the blame of being late on Mureed and tells him to leave soon as they were already too much late. They leave for the party.

Now, they are celebrating the anniversary of Kiran’s friend Anum. Here, another trouble is already waiting for Mureed. Anum’s husband gifts her a gold set. That’s where the bad moment for Mureed starts as Kiran looks at him in anger. Mureed couldn’t understand at the moment what made her wife spoil her mood. Anyway, the first episode ends here with Mureed’s trouble increasing and facing Kiran’s bad mood while their way home. Mureed know there will be something he would have to deal with when they reach home. More short film by ibex media house find here. You can find more episodes of run mureed over our youtube channel. Run mureed second episode can find here

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