Short Film | Thora Aata Daido

Short Film Thora Aata Daido is a story of a couple living a normal life. Husband [Hisaan] works as a network engineer in IT firm whereas the girl [Afshaan]  is a house wife. The story of this short film starts from Afshaan, who is so happy to get a sewing machine for herself. However, as Hisaan has a low-salary job, they could only afford these things on monthly installments.

When Hisaan comes to know about the sewing machine, he asks his wife as to why she felt the need to buy one, as he was already facing problems with his job. Afshaan tells him that a sewing machine is necessary thing to be in home.

She tells her husband that she wanted to stitch her own clothes and sometimes she needs to do darning with Hisaan’s clothes as well. So she needed this sewing machine. Hisaan says nothing. Afshaan assures him that she will reduce her monthly expenses and pay the installment by herself.

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Next day, Hisaan is ready to leave the office. Afshaan comes with his shirt in her hands. Hisaan looks at his shirt happily and says did you sew it? Afshaan says that’s why I bought the sewing machine.

In the next scene, Afshaan is cooking in the kitchen. Door bell rings. She opens the door. There is a woman with her son on the door. Afshaan asks what does she want? She tells her that she is from nearby slum. They are hungry since last two days. She begs Afshaan to give them some food or the money to buy food.

She asks them to come inside and gives them food. Meanwhile, the woman tells her story and says that she is the only parent of her two kids. She has no source of earning. She wants to work as  a maid in this house. Afshaan says they can’t afford one because of her husband’s low income. The woman gets disappointed.

Afshaan looks at her and asks her if she knows stitching. The woman tells her that she knows stitching very well. Afshaan takes the sewing machine she recently bought and gives it to the woman and asks her to take it and start stitching to earn for her family. The woman hesitates at first but takes the sewing machine home.

Hisaan comes home in the evening and hands over an envelope to his wife. He tells her that he’s been given bonus for the whole month. He asks Afshaan what does she want to do with this money? Afshaan tells him that she would buy a sewing machine…

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

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