Shabnam and Nadeem

Shabnam wants to work with her fellow actor Nadeem Baig again

Have you watched Bandish, Gumnaam, Sangam and Kamyabi movies from past? If yes, the you must have seen the close bonding of veteran stars, film actress Shabnam and Nadeem Baig in all of these movies. Shabnam and Nadeem worked together in may hit movies in past. However, Shabnam is once again ready to work with her fellow actor.

Veteran film actress, in an interview, said that she always loved working in Pakistan and she had always considered herself a part of the Lollywood film industry. She also hinted at coming to Pakistan again and work in the films, but like past, she only wants to work with Nadeem Baig.

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“I will work with him [Nadeem Baig] if there is any offer from Lollywood. I am always ready to come back to Pakistan and work here. There are many things that attract me to come here and continue my career in showbiz industry,” Shabnam said.

Shabnam further went on to say: “Pakistan is my second home. This is the country that gave me identity, that gave me lots of love and that is my other home. I will soon come back and would like to work if offered.”

“I very much belong to Pakistan and its film industry,” the actress added.

The veteran actress left Pakistan following life threats by some unknown persons and settled in Bangladesh with her husband Robin Ghosh, a Pakistani-Bangladeshi playback singer and film music composer, best known for singing and composing music for Lollywood films from 1961 to 1986.

However, according to Shabnam Jee, she still feels a great affinity with the Pakistani entertainment industry and looking for a way to come back to her second home.

About Shabnam

Shabnam, whose real name is Jharna Barsak, made her silver screen debut in the 1968 film Samundar. She was offered the lead role by her co-star and legendary Lollywood actor, Waheed Murad.

The actress won the Nigar Award a record 13 times and appeared in films like Andaleeb, Awaz, Sajjan, Saathi, and Ammajan.

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