Self-isolation increases people’s interest in ‘chill’ music

Spotify says that people are getting more and more interest in listening to chill music while staying at home during the ‘stay home, stay safe’ situation due to coronavirus outbreak in half of the world countries.

The music streaming app says that those who remain the self-isolation have changed their daily soundtracks and now they have opted to listen to varieties of music including chill and relieving songs.

“As people around the world have increasingly moved inside over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen music and podcast listening change in a variety of ways,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

The app further added that the listeners are adding songs that are more acoustic, less danceable, and carrying a relaxing tone to their playlists, in order to relieve the stress caused by the newly emerged virus COVID-19.

According to a report, as lockdown situation has forced people to stay at their homes, they have engaged themselves in using devices like computers, TVs, mobile phones, playstations and others. Many are spending time listening to the music and playing games, while some are busy in scrolling Facebook and Instagram.

As for the women, the report says, they are now switching towards “cooking- and housework-themed playlists,” in order to learn some more unique recipes.

Spotify says that parents, while working from home, don’t want their kids to disturb them, therefore, they are making separate playlists for children which carry particular music to help kids sleep.


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