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Scene Full On Kar – Pakistani Drama Series 2018 | Episode 5


Scene Full On Kar is a comedy series project of Ibex Media House. Season 1 of the series comprises of 5 episodes.

Scene Full On Kar | About the story

In this episode, the third guy, Zahid is seen sitting on commode talking with his girlfriend and requesting him to come back to him. She abuses him for blaming her for not using flush after using washroom. Zahid says he won’t say it anymore. No one will say this to her. She just needs to come back. She agrees to meet Zahid.

In the next room, Sharjeel, the other friend of Arsalan is seen talking to Arsalan’s girlfriend Ainee. He was convincing him that Arsalan was a good guy and he didn’t deceive her. Khushbu was not a girl. Ainee gets shocked and asks if Arsalan was interested in boys. But Sharjeel tells her that there is nothing like that. All three of them are straight and no one is interested in girls.

Sharjeel asks Ainee to think about Arsalan and their relationship and she should give a last chance to Arsalan. Ainee is now convinced and now she tells Sharjeel that she will think about everything and if her heart says, she will come back.

Sharjeel goes and tells Arsalan that Ainee is coming and this will be his last chance to apologize to her and take the things in right direction. Arsalan becomes happy.

On the other side, Zahid’s girlfriend also arrives and goes in the room where Zahid is waiting for her. Ainee comes and enters the room. Zahid is waiting for her girl there. When the girl comes, Ainee asks as to who the girl is. Other two guys Arsalan and Sharjeel also come. Arsalan explains that it is Zahid’s girlfriend and she could ask her. The girl says she was called by Zahid, and then she also takes Arsalan’s name.

Ainee is now sad because she thinks Arsalan betrayed her once again. She turns towards Sharjeel and proposes him. She says that thinks Sharjeel is her guy and she wants to marry her. Sharjeel thinks about it and looks at Arsalan. Ainee says she is doing it by heart. He should say Yes. Sharjeel then says Yes. And they both leave.

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