Scene Full On Kar
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Scene Full On Kar – Pakistani Drama Series 2018 | Episode 4


Scene Full On Kar is a comedy series project of Ibex Media House. Season 1 of the series comprises of 5 episodes.

Scene Full On Kar | About the story

Ainee is seen packing her stuff and leaving the house as she thinks that Arsalan has betrayed her. As she was packing, her grandmother comes to her and asks her to think once again as there could be a mistake. But Ainee seems in no mood to listen to anyone or stay in the house anymore.

Her grandmother decides to give it a last try. She asks Ainee to try some other guy among those three. But Ainee refuses to do so and decides to leave. She takes her luggage and leaves. In the hall, all three guys were standing waiting for them.

Arsalan tries to talk to Ainee. But she doesn’t stop for him. Grandmother tries to meet with all three for the last time. But they fear she will again hit them. So they step back. Ainee and grandmother leave.

After they leave, the other two guys ask Arsalan as to what happened? They wanted to know the story. Arsalan tells them about Khushbu, the person who called him. They decide to call Khushbu at their house and solve the matter.

Here arrives Khushbu. O God, it’s her, no no, it’s him. Oh no, it’s neither him nor her. What is it? Both of the guys look at Arsalan surprisingly. It’s a transgender.

So, Khushbu, the person Arsalan used to love and for whom Ainee left him, is a transgender. Both of them give killing looks to Arsalan. He explains the situation to them and says it was only a mistake. He just heard her voice on Tinder and when he went to meet her, it was a transgender.

All three of them take a selfie with Khushbu and decide to send it to Ainee so that she would know that it’s a mistake. They also try to make a confession video of Khushbu.

When they are done, they ask Khushbu to leave and never come back. They thought that they did a great job. However, Khushbu did not waste his/her energy in helping them. Another video was also made, but it was made from Khushbu’s phone….

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