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Scene Full On Kar – Pakistani Drama Series 2018 | Episode 3


Pakistani Drama Series Scene Full On Kar is a comedy series project of Ibex Media House. Season 1 of the series comprises of 5 episodes.

Pakistani Drama Series | About the story

Bad days for the three of them start as Ainee’s grandmother arrives to visit them. The grandmother wakes up early morning and wants everyone else to do the same. However, when they don’t obey rules, the old lady goes for her own technique to wake everyone up.

She starts hitting the boys with a stick. She continues to do that even after the guys woke up. She asks them to come and have the breakfast. As they wake up and sit on the bed talking to the old lady, the grandma says that they should all wake up early in the morning and be on the breakfast table on time.

All the three guys are sitting together, thinking about the old lady and praying that she leaves early. After her arrival, their life has become a mess. They can’t have a day without being thrashed by her.

On the breakfast table, grandma orders them to eat. As they hear the orders, they start eating as they were in hurry. The old lady again starts hitting them, this time with a handkerchief and asks them what’s the hurry. They should slow down.

In the next scene, Ainee is seen forcing her grandma to stay some more days with them. Arsalan looks at Ainee and thinks if her grandma will be living with them more, they would likely be dead. However, as Ainee forces him to convince grandma, he has to ask her to extend her stay and the old lady was already ready for that.

Arsalan gets a call from some unknown number. On the other side is a girl reminding Arsalan about the days they were together. She tells Arsalan that because of him, she got pregnant two times. He asks her to leave him alone. She says she would leave on one condition. She wants to hear ‘I Love You’ from him for one last time. Arsalan agrees for that.

When he says ‘I Love You’ to her, Ainee was standing right behind Arsalan. Oops! she listened everything. Oh No….

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