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Scene Full-On Kar – Pakistani Comedy Web Series Episode 2


Pakistani Comedy Web Series Scene Full On Kar is a comedy series project of Ibex Media House. Season 1 of the series comprises of 5 episodes.

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Now that the two guys have seen the girl’s talent and how she fooled them to purchase a low quality razor for 1500 rupees, they both start talking about her. While doing exercise the next morning, they were worried that the girl stayed at their house for night and she was still in the room of Arsalan.

Arsalan shows up with his girlfriend and greets them. After talking about some usual things, Arsalan told them that his girlfriend has planned a surprise for them. they should come inside and see. Both the guys ask what’s the surprise, but the girl says that they have to go inside first.

All four go inside the house. It was a treat that the girl was giving to them for winning the bet. And also, the celebration! It’s a dance party.

Arsalan was dancing with his girlfriend. Both were looking at the couple and talking about them. One of them said that he likes Arsalan’s girl so much. The other one tells him that she is going to become their sister-in-law in future so they should be avoiding making any statement like that. But the first guy seems reluctant and says that he will get Arsalan’s girl at any cost.

When they swap their dance partners, Arsalan dances with his friend who was asking about the seriousness of their relationship. Arsalan tells him that they both love each other and they are getting married next month.

After dance, Arsalan takes the mike to make an announcement. He says that he is going to marry with his girlfriend next month. Her also tells the other two guys that the girl will be living in their house for the rest of the month and she will set some rules which they all will follow.

When Arsalan finishes talking, the girl tells them that her grandmother will also be coming to live with them. Arsalan remembers everything the girl’s grandmother did to him and fears he will face the same behaviour if she comes again, this time living in his house. Oh No….

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