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Scene Full-On Kar – Pakistani Comedy Web Series Episode 1


Pakistani Comedy Scene Full On Kar is a comedy series project of Ibex Media House. Season 1 of the series comprises of 5 episodes.

Pakistani Comedy | Web Series | About the story

In the episode 1, the story is about three people who are living in the same house. The main guy, Arsalan is always bothered with the other twos always resting at home and doing nothing. They both freely use Arsalan’s stuff including his razors as well.

One day, Arsalan comes complaining about someone using his new razor. The other two refuse to do anything like that and blame each other for that. However, after failing to recognize the culprit, Arsalan throws the razor.

Someone knocks at the door. All three of them fight and force each other to go and open the door. No one goes. Finally, Arsalan and the other guy forcibly push the third one to go and open it.

When the third guy opens door, he finds a beautiful girl standing there. She was here to sell razors. The guy starts talking to him. Meanwhile, someone asks him from inside as to who is it on the door. He lies about the girl and says it’s milkman.

While he was talking to the girl, the second guy comes and sees the girl. They both are now talking to the girl who is telling them the benefits of her razor and how they should use it to shave. They bring the girl inside.

Arsalan asks them why did they bring a girl in his house. They both tell him to stay quite. The girl then tells the price of the razors and it’s 2500 for each packet. Arsalan asks the girl to stand up and leave as the prices were 200 percent higher than the actual price. But the other two wants the girl to stay.

Both of them decide to combine their money and pay the girl. Unfortunately, none of them got any money and they ask Arsalan to pay for it. He refuses. But the guy forces him and takes his money and pays the girl.

While leaving the girl asks to use washroom. They allow him to use theirs. The girl opens the door of the washroom and calls Arsalan inside. Arsalan goes and the other two wait outside.

When they both come back from Washroom, Arsalan gets a 5 lac cheque for the girl. The other two get surprised and ask why is he paying her so much money. The girl tells them that she is girlfriend of Arsalan and they both had decided to bet about starting a new business for the girl.

Arsalan thought the girl won’t be able to do the business whereas the girl was confident she could do it very easily. And now she has shown Arsalan that she is a successful businesswoman. So, Arsalan lost to her and he has to pay the money…

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