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Sadia Imam quitting showbiz?

Fans of Pakistani drama industry are still in grieve shock since Hamza Ali Abbasi’s announcement to quit showbiz and preach Islam. No one expected that they won’t be seeing their favorite star on screen anymore. Hamza, in a video message, had said that he has found his true path and that path leads him to Allah. So, he won’t be appearing in any project anymore.

Soon after Hamza’s announcement, rumors were in the air that another famous star Kubra Khan was also going to quit showbiz. Social media was on storm when the news broke and everyone expressed their concerns. However, Kubra denied any such rumour saying that it was totally baseless and she was in no mood to distance herself from showbiz industry.

Kubra Khan

Now, once again social media is spreading rumours that veteran actress Sadia Imam has decided to quit showbiz and spend quality time with her family. Sadia Imam, who has been part of the entertainment industry for quite some time, appears on a morning show and she had recently announced that she was making her comeback with a brand new drama serial.


When asked, the celebrity said that she had no plans to quit the industry.

“It’s really disappointing. You should not spread something personal about anyone on social media. If I would have to make any announcement, I would do it myself,” she said.

Some social media users claimed that the actress was doing this on her husband’s request. However, she said there was no truth in this. She said:

Sadia Imam

“My husband has never objected over my career choices and he is my major support. Due to the recordings of my upcoming drama, my husband would take breaks from work and come to Pakistan so that our daughter was not alone. After my parents, my husband is my biggest support.”

Sadia Imam took a break from showbiz after her marriage in 2012 and moved to Germany with her husband.

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