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Saba Qamar tells about her marriage plans

Fans and followers of celebrities, especially those who admire female celebrities, always await to see their beloved stars get married and start a new life. Most of the fans tend to ask about the marriage plans and meeting with someone special when artistes hold question and answer sessions on their social media accounts. Saba Qamar also faced same question when she held Q&A session for her fans and followers on Twitter.

Saba Qamar has been single since she stepped in the industry and she has always avoided the question about her marriage. However, this time she did not ignore and decided to answer about it during her Twitter session with hashtag #AskSaba. The Cheekh actress was answering all the queries by her fans when a fan asked as to why is she still single and when is she going to marry.

“Hi. Just wanted to ask you that why are you not married yet? #asksaba i want to listen your story. Thanks,” the user wrote.

Saba replied: “Because I haven’t found someone who I can spend my entire life with.”

Well, seems the Karachi se Lahore actress just wanted to answer about being single and ignored telling about the story behind it. She has always kept her private life out of the spotlight and refrained from taking any personal questions or talking about her personal life and that’s why she always comes clean with a curt response when someone tries to do so.

When another user asked the Hindi Medium actress about dealing with her mental health and maintaining balance between her work and her family, the actress wrote:

“I have actually been through a lot, and all I learned in my life is to let go off things that make you feel bad, accept your imperfections to keep going. Learn to talk your heart out, don’t take things too seriously, just stay true to yourself because #Itsokaynotbeokay.”

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