kiran and mureed
kiran and mureed
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Run Mureed | Episode 6

Kiran is still in no mood to talk to Mureed. He asks why is she still angry at him. She hasn’t talked to him since days. He tells her that he wants to see her happy at any cost. That’s why he bought the artificial jewelry just to see smile on her face. When nothing works, Mureed gives her the original gold set he bought and asks her to open it. Are you enjoying kiran and mureed fun life ?

When she opens the box, she finds the gold set. Before she says anything, Mureed assures her that it is 100 percent made from pure gold and she could get it checked from any laboratory she wants or she could go for the method her mother told her to check the gold. Kiran still doesn’t believe him and asks if it’s really a gold set. After Mureed assures her, she gets excited and happy. Mureed says that he is seeing her smiling after many days. He will take her out for dinner. She says she will be ready in just a minute. Mureed passed the mission. Kiran is happy with him, again.

After dinner, while on their way home, Mureed sees the same Baba who lent him the money for the gold set. He gets worried. But the situation stays in control. They reach home.

Next day, Kiran’s friend Anum visit her with her husband. Kiran and Mureed greet them with a smile. When Kiran and Mureed go to their room, Anum says to her husband that he should learn something from Mureed. The way Mureed loves his wife. On the other side, Kiran is wearing the gold set to show it to Anum. Mureed asks why is she doing it now? Kiran asks she wants to show Kiran how much her husband loves her.

Kiran and Mureed come out of the room. Anum sees the gold set Kiran is wearing. She asks if it was the same gold set her husband gifted her on birthday. Kiran confirms yes that is the same one. And asks that was also gold set, wasn’t it? Anum laughs and says her husband couldn’t give her a gold set. It can’t be a gold set. Kiran gets shocked, and……..

Watch the series to know what happened after…. Enjoy.

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