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Run Mureed | Episode 5

Murshid is in no mood to give any further advice to Mureed. However, Mureed still comes closer to him and starts buttering him. Murshid tells him clearly that all the tricks and techniques he delivers always work, but it’s Mureed’s luck that is not working.

Mureed seems confident in saying that this time he will be giving a real gold set to Kiran in order to convince her. Murshid looks at him and asks, “oh really, is that so? So do you have plenty of money to do that?” This is what I want from you. Please do something and help me borrowing some money from someone, Mureed says. Murshid comes up with an idea and tells Mureed that he knows a Baba [a person who claims to be a saint], who will lend money, but he will take some interest in addition. Mureed happily hugs Murshid and says he is ready. They decide to visit the place of saint after job timings.

They are sitting with Baba. He agrees to pay them 3 lac rupees on a 15 percent interest. Mureed is happy to get the amount. Here, Baba warns both of them that if he doesn’t get his money back, they both will face dire consequences. they should remember that. Baba also offers Mureed a job, which somehow, Mureed has to turn down because of the requirements.

Mureed buys original gold set for Kiran and comes home. At night, he enters the room where Kiran is reading a magazine. When he comes, Kiran starts taking selfies. Mureed asks her to take a selfie with him as well. Kiran puts a condition and asks Mureed to act like a dog. He fulfils her wish and start sniffing. More to follow.

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