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Run Mureed | Episode 4

Gold Set making Kiran is upset, Wrong. After seeing her husband Mureed in jail, she is thinking about his good sides all the time. Every memory with Mureed flashes in her mind. She remembers everything Mureed did for her. It is becoming difficult for her to leave her husband in prison for days. She decides to help Mureed get out of the jail. And then she decides to sell out the gold set that Mureed gave her and pay the bail amount for Mureed.

Kiran is enraged. She is in the police station in front of Mureed who is happy to see her again. But Kiran’s expressions are saying some other story. While Mureed talks to her, Kiran throws the gold set to his face. She shouts at him because she now knows that the jewelry her husband had gifted is fake. She starts yelling at him, scolding him for deceiving her. Kiran leaves in dismay.

After she departs, police constable comes to Mureed and asks what did he do that made his wife made at him. Mureed tells about the fake jewelry gift. Police constable laughs sarcastically and jokes at Mureed for fooling his own wife with the artificial jewelry. He then takes the gold set from Mureed to apply Mureed’s idea on his own wife.

Mureed finally gets bail after spending 7 days in jail. He joins office the next day. His colleague Murshid is seen enjoying the tea in the room while Mureed enters. He looks at Murshid furiously and tells him that it was his idea that he applied on his wife. He says that he won’t be taking any advice from Murshid now. The next moment, Mureed turns to Murshid and says, “Could you please give me an advice?”

“Get lost,” Murshid replies to him and leaves him ashamed.

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