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Run Mureed | Episode 2

Impact of Artificial Jewelry

Next morning, while on the breakfast table, Mureed is still worried as to what went wrong yesterday at the party. He is thinking while having breakfast. He finds that something is missing. He turns to Kiran and asks her why didn’t she put butter on his bread. She looks at him and says that there was no benefit to use butter. He says that he is observing her mood is off since they came back from the party. He asks what happened? She says as if there was any need to say everything. He should remember what happened. Mureed still can’t understand what’s going on. However, he tries to cover the moment by saying that he knows why her mood is not good. She asks him to tell her what he found out. Mureed replies that he knows she is angry because the cake of Anum’s anniversary was bigger than their anniversary’s cake.

This was the moment when Mureed made Kiran furious. Kiran said she already knew he would go for something like that. She looks at him and says that his thinking level would only revolve around these small things like cake and candles. He would never understand what matters the most. She said: “You remembered the cake, but you don’t remember the present Anum’s husband gave to his wife.”

“What did you gift me on our wedding anniversary,” Kiran asks Mureed. He starts thinking. Kiran, while finding that her husband won’t be able to say that, tells him that the only gift he gave him was a suit and that was also bought in the sale. Mureed has nowhere to go now.  Kiran leaves the kitchen enraged, saying that his thinking level was small like his job. Mureed gets up saying that neither his job was small nor his thinking. And leaves for office.

In the next scene, Mureed could be seen sitting in the office. Murshid enters the room and finds Mureed in deep thinking. Mureed looks at him and asks him for a favor. He asks him to lend him some money. Murshid asks how much he needs? Mureed replies not more than 3 to 4 lacs. This makes Murshid yell at him surprisingly and saying that he won’t work in this office if he got such huge amount. And then he asks Mureed why he needs that much money. “I want to buy gold set for my wife,” Mureed replies. “Go ahead, then what’s bothering you?”. Mureed says how is it possible to get that when he got no money with him.

Murshid comes up with an idea. He tells Mureed to buy artificial jewelry from the market that resembles the real. He also claims that his wife won’t know whether the jewelry is real or artificial. Mureed likes the idea. He inquires how much the artificial jewelry would cost. Murshid tells him to visit his friend’s shop and he will get discount. Mureed again asks him to lend some money as he got nothing left with him. Murshid refuses to give a single penny saying that he only gives advices, not the money.

However, Mureed buys jewelry for Kiran and reaches home. He tells Kiran that he bought present for her. She asks as if there was any sale on something. He says that is not from the sale, he achieved the target for the whole year and bought this for her. She happily opens the present and asks Mureed to help her in wearing the jewelry.

Kiran doubts as if the jewelry was real. She asks that she thinks it’s artificial. That’s when Mureed’s expressions change. He gets worried and thinks what would happen if his wife finds out he gifted artificial jewelry. Kiran says her mother has a super trick to check the gold. This is where Mureed thinks he is going to get into a big trouble now.

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