Rosie Gabrielle

Rosie Gabrielle irked by marriage proposals, quits social media

Oh dear Pakistanis, at least show some respect for those who are showing love for you. They are showing their friendly love, not the one to send marriage proposals. Rosie Gabrielle is not the one you should send proposals.

Canadian travel vlogger who recently announced that she was converting to Islam because of the love and respect Muslims in Pakistan gave her. In a Instagram post, Rosie said that she really admired her fans for showing love and respect she received by Pakistanis. But our ‘sharp-minded’ people thought that she was ‘open for all kind of love’. Well, that’s not why she wanted to be a Muslim.

Soon after Rosie Gabrielle made the announcement of her conversion to Islam on her official Instagram handle, many people, media channels and bunch of ‘desperate bachelors’ who swarmed to get a chance to talk to the Canadian biker.

In a long message on her account, the vlogger, while announcing that she was taking a break from social media, cited the reasons of her resentment.

“News channels have been nonstop calling me – hounding me. Not even caring that I’m sick, only wanting to drain my energy for entertainment value,” she said.

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She went on to say that if any channels, magazines, or any other media outlets want to invite her for interviews or anything, they should at least compensate her for her time and energy.

“If you wish for me to take my time to provide you interview material for magazine/online/TV, at least be kind to offer compensation for my energy and time.”

The social media influencer also claimed that people are creating fake accounts in her name and saying words that she never said. She asked all those social media users to stop doing this.

Rosie Gabrielle

And now, the main thing that disturbed our respected Muslim sister, is hundreds of marriage proposals by our desperate Pakistani bachelors who keep bothering her with only one question and that’s of course ‘will you marry me?”

Rosie Gabrielle

The Canadian biker girl said that she was being disturbed with these kinds of messages and people who are doing this should stop. However, it seems she failed to convince anyone and, eventually, she was the one who had to take a break from everything and just disappear for a short time.

Rosie Gabrielle

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