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Rishi Kapoor wants emergency in India, military to control people

Coronavirus outbreak has forced world nations to go into the lockdown state in order to save their people. Many countries including France, USA, Italy, India and Pakistan are in the lockdown mode for a long time. Governments have issued directives to the people to stay at their homes in order to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. Narendra Modi had also announced a 21-day lockdown in the country to control the spread of pandemic.

The Indian PM had permitted the police force to control citizens. But seems they are unable to enforce lockdown as people are not following any instructions, taking the virus easy. Looking at this scenario, veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor believes that the government should declare emergency and deploy the military on roads to control the people, who are not following the lockdown.

The Bobby actor took to his Twitter account and wrote, “Aaj ye hua kal kya kya hona hai? [This has happened today, who knows what happens tomorrow] That is why I said we need the military out. Emergency.”

In an earlier tweet, Rishi Kapoor had advised to declare emergency alongside the lockdown in the country.

“Dear fellow Indians. We must and have to declare an EMERGENCY. Look at what’s happening all over the country! If the TV is to believed, people are beating policemen and medical staff! There is no other way to contain the situation. It is only good for all of us. Panic is setting in,” he wrote in his post.

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