Taher Shah

Remember Eye To Eye singer Taher Shah? He is back with Farishta

Taher Shah, thee ‘multi-talented’ singer, model, lyricist and composer lives in everyone’s heart. Love him or hate him, but he never gives up. After his ‘popular’ songs Eye To Eye and Angel, our very own singer is back again, just to save us from boredom during quarantine.

The new song of Taher Shah, called ‘Farishta’ is based on animation and it created much hype when the singer announced his new track. It’s here for us, finally!

As usual, ‘haters’ are busy in trolled our talented singer on social media. But, who cares… Even Ali Zafar is nervous after listening to such a ‘masterpiece’.

Ali had taken to Twitter earlier when Taher Shah announced that the countdown for the release of his song begins. He wrote:

“The only guy who makes me nervous.”

Since its release on Friday, Farishta has already crossed 100k views and 2.7k likes on YouTube. It is being shared (and of course, trolled) on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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