Rejection | Short Film

When there are failures, criticism, rejection, and no opportunities, a person could be disappointed with his won life and complain about getting nothing. In this situation, most people don’t do what to do? Where to go? Which path will lead them to success? What should they do about their future? And many other thoughts come in mind. And if there is no answer, a person feels worthless and decides to get relief from this disappointment. He wants to end his life. Rejection is the story of such a person.

Aijaz faces rejection in almost every race of life. Job, love life, fortune and career. He struggles hard to get a job but due to lack of confidence and nervousness, he fails to get one. He runs out of money soon.

Upon failing to get any job, his fiancee decides to leave him and break the engagement saying that if he could not pay his house rent, how would he get any better future. She decides to leave him and pursue her own career. Being disappointed, Aijaz goes for suicide. He goes to drown himself in the sea. That’s the moment that changes his life.

A person approaches Aijaz at the seaside, asking him what he was doing? Aijaz asks him to stay away from him. The person soon understands the situation. He then tells Aijaz about the beauties of life. Aijaz seems in no mood to listen to him and believe on whatever he was saying. The person, however, keeps talking to him and tries to make him believe that life is beautiful. He tells him every great aspect of life. Aijaz now seems taking interest listening to him.

Years passed. Aijaz got the job, performed well in every field, grabbed many awards and managed to get one of the top positions in his company. He was moving very fast towards his success in life. One day when he was remembering his ups and downs of life in past times, that same person comes in his mind. He rushes to seaside to thank that person who changed his life.

When he reaches seaside, he asks people about the guy. People tell him that the person committed suicide some three years ago. He gets shocked as he met him just a year ago. It couldn’t be possible. But the people tell him that it was true. He ended his life three years ago at the same place. Aijaz now gets everything and the whole incident that happened that day.

Standing there, thinking about that person, Aijaz sees a guy stepping towards the sea, probably going to do the same thing Aijaz was going to do a year ago. He stops that guy and repeats the words of that person who changed his life. And life goes on.

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how I would define myself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, I have worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, it is my dream to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through my lens. You can write to me at mohsinsoomro10[@] gmail (dot) com)

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