Reema and Meera

Reema is a difficult person in real life: Meera

Everyone who has been fond of Lollywood movies surely know about the relation between film star Meera and former actor Reema. The two actors had been known for the competition they always had in their time together. Both wanted to beat each other in the race. However, Reema left the race when she decided to marry and settle abroad.

Now, Meera Jee, who recently starred in Baaji movie, has no competition [at least this is what she thinks] and she is making all out efforts to rule the Pakistani cinema. However, it seems that Meera Jee hasn’t yet left the competition with Reema and leaves no chance to criticise her at any platform.

Recently, during an interview, veteran Lollywood star expressed her grudge against former actor and it was not good at all. Meera Jee spoke about personal life of Reema, saying that she is really difficult person in her real life.

When asked about working with the fellow actresses including Reema, Meera said:

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“It was a good time together. We have lots of memories working together. All the actors like Resham, Reema, Saima and others were great friends.”

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“Reema was a good friend. She was a good actor. However, I don’t think she was a very polite person in real life. I would say she [Reema] has only changed her life on camera, but is still a very difficult person,” the actor said.

Seems Meera Jee was waiting for the moment to express her feelings about Reema. And She did it in her way. We are sure that Reema, if informed about the comments her ‘friend’ gave about her, would definitely respond and say something from the good old days. Let’s wait and see how Reema Khan responds.

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