Pyar Ya Paisa What Will You Choose

Pyar ya Paisa shows the reality of today’s love. In this short film, the story tells us about a couple Afshan and Hisaan who is deeply in love with each other. However, there is a third person in their life who plays the role of a villain.

The couple in this Pyar ya Paisa clip is seen trying to run from someone and suddenly the guy (Hisaan) gets hit on the head, the screen goes black.

After the scene changes, the couple could be seen sitting on the chairs, with hands tied on their back. Their is a guy who is alleged kidnapper of the couple. As the guy comes near to the girl and tries to touch her, Hisaan shouts at him and asks not to do that and talk to him instead.

Drama All About Money

In short film pyar ya paisa the guy comes to him and asks about the hidden treasure. “Where’s the money”? the guy asks Hisaan. He looks at him and asks what money he was talking about. They got no money. The guy then again turns to the girl and asks her same question. Girl also comes up with same reply. The guy gets annoyed at both of them and threatens them to torture if he doesn’t get what he wants.

He again asks Hisaan about the money. He again denies of having any money. Now the guy shows a gun and carries pliers in his hand, comes to Hisaan and tries to denailing him. Now both of them smell fear and Hisaan decides to tell him about the money.

“She has all the money,” Hisaan tells the kidnapper while pointing towards her girl Afshan.

“What?” Afshan shockingly looks at Hisaan as she didn’t believe her ears. She then abuses Hisaan and says that he was lying. She got no money, nor she knows anything about it. However, Hisaan keeps saying that she has all the money. Suspense, suspense and suspense all over.


Suddenly, Hisaan sees that Afshan’s hands are not ties. She shows her hands and smiles.

“Didn’t I tell you he only loves money?” the kidnapper says to Afshan. It seemed that the plan of kidnapping was made by both, Afshan and the kidnapper. This time Hisaan was shocked. The kidnapper then hands over the gun to Afshan and thinks she will shoot his love now. And Afshan fires the gun.

In the next scene, the kidnapper is seen breathless on the floor, with blood all around.

“For a moment, I thought you were going to kill me,” Hisaan said.

“How would I know about the money if I would have killed you?” Afshan said.

What? Hisaan looked at her.

“Nothing. I mean I love you, how would I kill you,” she replies.

Both flee the scene.

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