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Islam is the religion of faith, belief, commitment and humanity. It teaches us that if you make any commitment with anyone, you should fulfil it. Muslims, true by heart, always keep their words and their promises in the name of Allah as they know they have to be accountable for every statement they make in this world. This story Pasdar teaches us a lesson. Ramzan special by ibex media house.


In this ramzan special short film Pasdar, the story is about a elderly person Siddique Baba who is always committed to his words and because of that, he is always by the people around him.

One day, Siddique Baba was passing through a street, a guy he knew seemed in much tension and hurry. Siddique Baba noticed that the young guy didn’t even greeted him. He called the guy and asked if everything was okay. The guy told him that he needs to see the counsellor of the area in order to get a character certificate for job. He was going to meet his friend.

Siddique Baba asked him if his friend could get the job done. If he can’t, then Siddique Baba will take him to meet the counsellor as he is a childhood friend. The guy appreciates but says that his friend will take care of it. Next moment, the guy gets a call from his friend who says he can’t come due to some untoward incident. He gets disappointed.

Siddique Baba, while observing that there is something wrong, says that his offer is still available. Guy agrees to go with him and requests him to wait here so that he could get his documents from home. Siddique Baba agrees and allows him to go and bring his documents.

While coming back, the guy’s friend comes and asks him to come with him, he tells him that he has someone waiting. The friend says leave him and come. They both leave. Siddique Baba waits.

When both of them reach Counsellor Office, they come to know that he just left. Guy gets disappointed. While coming back home, he finds Siddique Baba waiting there. Oh No! It’s now night and he is still here for me. He asks why didn’t he leave. Siddique Baba told him that he didn’t want to break his promise as it was prohibited in the religion.

Each word touches guy’s heart. He requests Siddique Baba to teach more about Islam. Siddique Baba asks him to answer every prayer if he wants to get closer to GOD. Hayya Ala’ss Salah

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