Pakistani tea is Fantastic

Pakistani tea is fantastic, again!

Do you remember Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman? Oh yes! the one who, let’s say rose to fame after Pakistan army shared his video where he was seen taking a sip of tea in the military headquarters. With many other questions, Abhinandan was asked about the tea to which he had said, “The Tea is fantastic”. Congrats fellas, it seems Pakistani tea is fantastic for everyone now.

Well, we are not the ones who are saying this. Dear Indians, don’t feel ashamed. This line was said, and of course, written by the member of the Romanian pop group Akcent. Yes, that’s not a joke. See it yourself.

“Met @officialDGISPR Pakistani tea is fantastic,” Adrian Sina, the main member of the group wrote on the official Twitter handle of Akcent.

Pakistani tea is Fantastic

Akcent visited Lahore on November 24 following the invitation by Punjab government to perform in Governor House here. However, it seems that our very favorite Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor was quick to invite the pop group over a cup of tea.

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Pakistani tea is Fantastic

It might have been just a formal meet up between Akcent and DG ISPR, however, Pakistan army didn’t forget the gesture of offering tea to our guests, be it our fancy-mustache man Abhinandan who enjoyed the tea while in custody or our respected guests who might have seen Indian pilot’s video and tried to copy him in saying, “tea is fantastic”.

No offence, there was no purpose behind this sentence or inviting Akcent over a cup of tea, and taking photographs holding the cup in hand. It was all a gesture of hospitality that we offer our guests. And by guests, we mean ‘all kinds of guests’, including Abhinandan. The sentence about the taste of tea was Akcent’s own choice, we didn’t do anything! But one thing we surely know is that, ‘Pakistani tea is fantastic’.

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