Hania Aamir Asim Azhar

No, Hania Aamir is not getting married to Asim Azhar

Since Pakistani singer Asim Azhar expressed his love for actress Hania Aamir, the fans of both the stars went crazy and started posting about their marriage. In an interview, Asim had opened up his relationship with the Dilruba actress saying that being with such a gorgeous lady is an amazing thing.

However, fans didn’t seem to be satisfied with the singer’s statement and kept asking the same question, ‘when are you guys getting married?’ This was all over the social media. But both Hania and Asim never answered it.

Recently, singer Aima Baig asked the same question in a live chat session with the actress on Instagram. Since Aima is one of the best friends of Hania, she decided to answer it.

“This is not something funny. People asking about your life plans, especially, your marriage dates, your boyfriend, or anything personal. I have never answered such questions. But if you are asking it, I should tell you. I’m not getting married, we’re not getting married right now. If there will be something like that, we will announce it publicly,” Hania said.

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