nazar ka parda

Nazar Ka Parda | Short Film

Nazar Ka Parda is a short film project by Ibex Media House. The story highlights the daily life problems of a girl in a male-dominated society. It explains how a girl is forced to change her outfit in order to avoid catcalling by two men who waited for her outside her house.

In the short film Nazar ka Parda, At first, the girl thinks that it’s her western dress that is the main reason these men annoy her every day. However, after changing her outfit from western to traditional and then fully covering her, she doesn’t see any change in the behavior of those obnoxious men.

However in the short film nazar ka parda, when all her efforts went in vain, she soon realised that it was crazy to hope that good might come out of this plaguy mess. So she decided to confront those abrasive guys. On the third day, she stops and asks these guys if they have some shame left inside them. She tells them that despite changing her outfit, covering her body completely in Abaya, they still kept the same mentality and continued annoying her. She further asks them if they could ever change so that the society will change its thinking towards women and the women could go out freely.

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how I would define myself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, I have worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, it is my dream to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through my lens. You can write to me at mohsinsoomro10[@] gmail (dot) com)

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