Mohsin Abbas Haider

Mohsin Abbas gets best wishes from celebrities for his upcoming song ‘Rooh’

Well, this might be surprising but it’s true that many celebrities have expressed support for the singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider and wished him best of luck for his upcoming song ‘Rooh’.

The singer and actor, who faced criticism for so long after her wife, Fatima Sohail levelled serious allegations of domestic abuse against him and said that her husband has beaten her so badly.

After the video of Fatima surfaced on the internet, netizens started to share it and slammed Mohsin Abbas for beating his wife. Some also demanded a ban on all the content including movies and songs of the singer and actor.

Soon after the criticism started to get strong, a private channel suspended its contract of a show Mazaaq Raat with Mohsin Abbas and fired him.

Recently, music-streaming app Patari released a promotional video of the latest song of Mohsin. However, it turned out to be a little trouble for Patari as people started to criticise the app for promoting what they called ‘a wife-beater’. Many wrote that they were going to uninstall the app after watching the promotional video.

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After the incident, Patari announced that it was introducing a mute button for its users so that they could set their priorities and listen to their favorite artists only.

Now, coming back to Mohsin Abbas Haider, everyone knows that the case of the singer has been concluded and his wife got khula by the court. Mohsin Abbas is again back in the business with ‘Rooh’.  Some notable celebrities shown support for him and wished him a successful journey of his career. Here are some of the video messages of celebrities Mohsin shared on his official Instagram handle.

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