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Mohabbat Na Kariyo | Drama Review

Our host Afshaan Zaki is going to tell you all about drama serial Mohabbat Na Kariyo.  The drama is written by Samina Ejaz and it is directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran. The story of the drama revolves around a girl who belongs to a middle class family.

The lead character of the girl is played by queen of the hearts Hira Mani who falls in love with a guy (Junaid Khan).  Junaid is son of a self-dependent businesswoman Ateeqa Odho. Ateeqa Odho is playing the character of a woman who refuses to lose in any manner, who refuses to kneel down in front of anyone.

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However, when it comes to her own son, she sacrifices everything for him, even her ego. Though she was never happy with Junaid’s decision to marry Hira, however, she decided to accept whatever her son wanted and allowed him to marry the girl of his choice. But Junaid didn’t know what his mother was thinking at the moment she agreed.

She seemed happy from the outside, but inside, she was planning to get rid of the poor girl. What would be her plans, we will watch it in the next episodes of the drama serial.

Another character in this drama is of Zarnish Khan, who recently had undergone through a plastic surgery. Going through the trailer of Mohabbat Na Kariyo, we have observed that Zarnish is playing negative role.

We have to watch how Zarnish makes efforts to create space between Hira and Junaid and make her place in Junaid’s heart.

Let’s see if Hira also wins hearts of her fan and Pakistani audience with her performance in Mohabbat Na Kariyo like she did in Do Bol which proved t be a big hit and earned her too much fame.

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