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Mishi Khan thinks girls shouldn’t share their private photos and videos

After cases of leaking private photos and videos have emerged, actress Mishi Khan has decided to give some advises to the young girls to avoid taking intimate pictures or videos and sharing it with anyone.

In a video on her official Twitter account, the actress warned girls that it is totally unsafe to use social media to share pictures of their private body parts.

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Mishi, in strong words, warned the girls not to share anything like that, even with their fiancé and husband.

“As being a woman, I think that we all should take caution and stop sending intimate pictures and videos, no matter whoever it is, even if it’s our husband or fiancé,” Mishi said.

She added that there was no need to document this at all.

Mishi Khan also advised women to be very careful and just say no if anyone demands something like that.

“If something like this happens once, it will leave a very bad impression. The mark will take years to wash off,” she said, assuring that anyone who respects you, won’t demand such things.

Mishi Khan’s message came after cases of video and picture leak were reported by singer Rabi Pirzada and Samra Chaudhry. Recently, the singer’s private pictures and videos were leaked on the social media. Rabi Pirzada claimed that her intimate photos were leaked by the shopkeeper to whom she sold her old phone.

After sever criticism, Rabi announced to distance herself from the showbiz industry and said that she will perform Umrah soon.

Model and actor Samra Chaudhry is another victim whose images got leaked on social media without her knowledge.

Mishi Khan noted that lives and reputations were tarnished in the wake of the scandals. Perhaps more attention should be paid to the criminal gang which perpetuates these acts themselves than in blaming the victim.

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