Meera Jee

Meera Jee is looking for IT professional who could solve her trouble. Anyone around?

Our own charming, funny, and respectful Baaji, Meera Jee has said that she has lost all of her phone data and access to her social media and this is really sad.

Meera, the famed Pakistani actress said that she was feeling very heartbroken since she found out that her phone data has been flushed out and she has lost access to her Twitter handle. She took to Instagram handle to share the news of the tragic and sad incident with her fans and followers.

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Meera posted a video of herself on Instagram where she was seen telling the story of horrible incident and asking for the support of any IT professional in her followers’ list. She wrote:

“I’m extremely Upset since my phones broken n I lost the login details of my Twitter account. I’ll very grateful for any support by an IT professional who knows how to recover or perhaps any suggestions!!! @themeerajee any suggestions and who is the best in IT and professional please comment and update.”

Was Meera Jee speaking the truth? Or it was just a stunt to gain attention of the people and earn publicity to stay in the limelight? God knows what happened to her phone. But if she is telling the truth, we are already feeling sorry for her and pray that she gets her phone data back so that she could get access to her Twitter handle. Of course we all love her tweets and we will feel lonely if we won’t see anything on our own Meera Jee’s timeline.

Soon after Meera announced the news, fans and followers started commenting on her post and provided their suggestions. Some of them seemed in a jolly mood and suggested her to do it herself because if she gives access to someone, her private data might get leaked.

However, Meera Jee didn’t answer anyone. Seems she already found the solution to her problem and got it solved by herself. Or if someone helped her, we appreciate their efforts to get our lovely Baaji out of trouble.

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