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Major Adnan Sami Exposed By Indian Media

This short film was made just to show what kind of hype the Indian media creates and the type of content they show to their viewers when they want to humiliate Pakistan.

In this clip, a TV show host could be seen claiming that Adnan Sami Khan is a Pakistani agent and he works for Pakistan. She claims that Adnan Sami Khan came to India for spying and transferring sensitive information to the intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

The host slams Adnan Sami Khan for being a traitor of India. She calls the Indian government to revoke his nationality and deport him to Pakistan.

Adnan Sami Khan denies all the allegations against him and says that he is Indian citizen now and he loves India. He couldn’t be a traitor. But the host keeps levelling serious allegations against him and says that Pakistan government was funding him o keep an eye on all the sensitive matters of India and inform about any threat.

After repeated allegations and pressure by the Indian TV host, the singer finally decides to admit everything just to shut the mouth of this show host and get rid of her.

On the other hand, the host thinks she has done her job and forced the singer to admit that he was a Pakistani by heart and he was transferring every information to Pakistan. She claimed that it was the Indian media only who could expose such traitors and get them out of the country. She feels that she has done a great job for her country and now she will get reward for it. Alas, the reality could be different. But who cares if the person is Adnan Sami Khan. If he can’t stay loyal to Pakistan, how could he stay loyal to India? Point to be noted here!

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