Maa | Short Film

There is no one like mother. And for her, her child is everything. This short film Maa shows the love of a mother for his son, who is the only child of her.

The story maa shows that her son Arsal is very happy to pick up his wife Sidra from his in-laws. He requests his mother to come with him so that they could have dinner outside. They both are on their way when Sidra calls Arsal and Arsal tells her that he is bringing his mother with him for the dinner. Sidra seems not happy with this and tells Arsal it was their time to spend. Why is he bringing his mother. During this conversation, Arsal is on the wheel and suddenly he loses his focus on driving and hits another vehicle.

Life seems difficult for Arsal’s mother as she lost her eyes in that accident. She is restricted to her room. The helpless lady has to ask her daughter-in-law and her son for everything as she is living in their house. Sidra thinks her mother-in-law has been a burden for so long now and decides to kick her out of the house after talking with Arsal.

in short film maa Arsal is seen yelling at her mother for breaking home stuff every other day. While he was shouting and telling his mother that it is being difficult for him and his wife to live with the blind lady, his uncle comes in and tells him that he and his wife are the ones who should leave the house.

His uncle tells him the story of that night when they met with the sad incident. He tells him that it was not his mother who lost her eyes in that incident, but it was HIM. And then his mother donated her own eyes to her son so that he won’t have to live his entire life being blind. Arsal and Sidra are now shocked. Arsal is on his knees in front of his mother. They both ask for forgiveness as they disrespected her alot. But a mother is always a mother, she forgets everything and showers her love on both of them.

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Written by Mohsin Soomro

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how I would define myself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, I have worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, it is my dream to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through my lens. You can write to me at mohsinsoomro10[@] gmail (dot) com)

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