Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is in a lockdown state since December, here’s why

In this coronavirus situation where almost half of the world is under the lockdown state, many celebrities are also spending time in self-isolation and doing things that could help them not getting bored. Some are testing their cooking skills, whereas some are busy in decorating their homes with whatever they get indoors. Renowned comedian and actor Kapil Sharma is also spending time with his family in this lockdown. But he claims that he has been under this mode since December last year. Can you just believe it?

The 39-year-old comedian and his wife welcomed their daughter Anayra in December. He posted a picture of three of them on social media for his fans. Seems Kapil has been spending maximum time with his baby girl and his lovely wife.

“In a way, I have been in a lockdown state since December 10, the day my daughter [Anayra] was born. I would step out only for two days a week to shoot for the show,” Kapil said.

Kapil Sharma

When asked about his relationship with his family and spending time with them during this lockdown period, Kapil said:

“These days are very boring for me. Got nothing to do. Anayra and I play for the entire day while her mummy makes delicious food at home. Our routine has now disturbed. We three stay up late night and then sleep when sunlight starts coming inside the room. Even Anayra is now bored of me, she thinks her father doesn’t do anything,” he said.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil, who hosts a famous show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, further added that he loves being at home when his daughter is awake. He believes Anayra is a good company for her mom and dad and she keeps them busy with her smiles.

“I don’t even realise when the day goes by. She looks at me and smiles, which changes everything you know. When you are bored, depressed or going through any other stress, just look at her once, she smiles and bingo, everything just vanishes in a second. That feeling is out of the world. She totally justifies her name — Anayra, which means happiness.”

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