Joker is now most profitable comic book film ever

Joaquin Phoenix seems to have successfully made the headlines for more than a month now for his Joker. The movie did ‘truly awesome’ at the global box office. US bi-weekly business magazine Forbes has revealed that Joker has become the most profitable comic book film ever.

The film made more than $953m worldwide at the box office, that is way too high than the total cost of the movie.

According to Forbes, Joker’s initial budget was $62.5m, meaning it has scooped around 15 times more than it took to make – a record for a film based on a comic book.

Overtaken other movies

Phoenix’s movie has overtaken Venom, which grossed $856m on a budget of just under $100m and Deadpool, which cost $58m to produce and made around $783m at the box office, the magazine added.

Joker is also the highest-grossing R-rated (films which can only be watched by people over the age of 18) film of all time, surpassing Deadpool 2 in October.

However, Avengers: Endgame by the Marvel Entertainment is still the highest grossing film of all time, taking $2.8bn at the box office.

Joker is also expected to cross the $1bn threshold at the global box office later this month, which will make it the cheapest film to cross the milestone – a record currently held by Jurassic Park, which cost $63m to make.

The movie (Joker) was criticised for the way it dealt with mental health, as well as being accused of glorifying violence. However, after the movie got released, the events shown in the movie attracted a large number of viewers and they praised the directors for a perfect screenplay and Joaquin Phoenix for his acting.

Furthermore, despite all the criticism the movie witnessed by the fans worldwide, Joker did take away the top prize at the Venice Film Festival this year.

Not only this, but the actor, our favorite Joaquin Phoenix is widely tipped to bag the best actor Oscar at next year’s Academy Awards.

Joker-Joaquin Phoenix

Bad news: Phoenix is not interested in the sequel of Joker

The bad news for all of you, yes you, the fans of Joker, is that your heartthrob Phoenix has said he won’t be interested in working in the sequel.

He said that his attraction to the role was based on it being a stand-alone film. He doesn’t think that the sequel would be good, instead, it might be boring for the viewers in case the story won’t be ‘attractive’.

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