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Rabi Pirzada on her scandal: ‘It’s between me and Allah’

Singer Rabi Pirzada has finally took to social media to express her feelings about the controversy that was created after her private pictures and videos were leaked.

The pictures and videos, taken in the private place by the singer, were leaked on social media and it sparked a controversy against the singer. People reacted and lashed out at the singer for taking such bare pictures.

However, some people also showed support for Rabi Pirzada and began posting their own nudes to with captions and hashtags that included the singer’s name.

Soon after she was all over the media and her pictures and videos reached everyone’s phones, Rabi announced on Twitter that she will be leaving the showbiz industry.

Some rumors also claimed that Rabi Pirzada was considering taking her life after shameful comments by the people in Pakistan and in other countries, including India. However, when she was asked about it, the singer rubbished such news saying that she won’t do anything like that. Instead, she will face this and respond to those who are defaming her.

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When the social media didn’t remain silent even after she apologized to her fans and other people, Rabi Pirzada finally decided to respond to the criticism.

The singer shared a video on her social networking tab, explaining the whole incident.

In the video message, Rabi had covered her head with dupatta. She started with the recitation of Quranic verses. She stated: “In the days following the incident, I was silently looking for answers and found out that suffering is either a trial or punishment. If one keeps on sinning after this, then it is a punishment. But if one repents, then it will be a trial.”

Here’s what Rabi Pirzada says

Rabi further said that the matter of her leaked private pictures and videos was between her and Allah.

“I am only answerable to Allah and He knows what is inside our hearts,” Rabi Pirzada said.

Furthermore, the singer added that after her scandal on social media, she received lots of offers from the entertainment industry to work in films, concerts, TV commercials, and much more.

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