Salman Ahmed

Is Junoon’s Salman Ahmed COVID-19 positive?

Salman Ahmed, the Pakistani rockstar and Sufi rock band Junoon’s member might be coronavirus positive as he is in self-isolation for last few days in New York.

Salman Ahmed took to Twitter recently and said that his doctor believes that he probably is infected with the COVID-19. The musician also said that he is in self-isolation and planning to get tested soon.

“Friends, the bad news first: according to my doc Ibelli , I’m probably #COVID19 positive. Will test soon. The good news is that I have mild flu like symptoms. I’m self quarantining in NY, washing my hands regularly, inhaling steam, drinking warm fluids. Thank you 4 your prayers,” Salman wrote in a series of posts on his Twitter account.

Later in another tweet, the Junoon member posted his picture wearing a face mask and wrote:

“Har mushkil Kay saath hai asaani/ aur ghum sey juree kushi/ yeh utaar charhao/ arsh aur fursh/ hai yeh khel ki Zindagi.” [Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease. There is happiness after every pain. Everything is part of life.]

Ahmed later posted a picture with his nephew who is a surgeon at a US hospital. He wrote that his nephew got infected while treating the patients last week.

“Wish my nephew & Surgeon, Dr Usman, a quick recovery from #COVID-19 . Usman had been working 24/7 at the Einstein hospital in Philadelphia where he got infected last week. (He’s a pretty good percussionist as well.)”

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