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Indian journalist thinks Atif Aslam named his newly-born son ‘Alhamdulilah’

Names of Pakistani child are sometimes awesome, whereas sometimes they are funny. Especially the Pathan community here comes up with some Islamic but funny names for their newly-born children. For example, one Pathan family that I know named their baby ‘Hazrat Umar’. When asked about it, they said they did it out of respect. Seriously?

Another funny name I came to know about was ‘Shaheedullah Khan’. Shaheed means martyred. And Shaheedullah means martyred in the name of Allah. Though it’s the Islamic name, but why naming your newborn child ‘martyred’? Anyway, never mind.

Now, whatever I mentioned above wasn’t funny enough. Was it? I think no. But what Indian media did recently was absolutely funny and amazing. Oh yes! it seems an Indian journalist took Atif Aslam’s Instagram post too seriously that she even made herself confident about the name of singer’s newborn.

Famous singer posted a photo of his new born with a caption. Here’s what he said about the new addition to the family.

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“Ladies and gentlemen our NEW arrival Alhamdulilah. Both mother and baby are fine. Keep us in your prayers and don’t forget to say Mashallah.”

The Doori singer announced about the arrival of his newborn and thanked Allah for this gift by writing Alhamdulilah. However, it seems that the journalist was in a rush to publish the article that she didn’t care to know the meaning of the sentence and the word Alhamdulilah. She thought it was the name of Atif Aslam’s baby. Oh boy!

Poor girl wrote the article about it and sent it to the editorial team. But it seems the editorial team was also busy enough that they also didn’t read the article and approved it for publication. Soon after the article was published on web, the readers were shocked and made fun of author on social media. Here’s what they said:

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