Here’s what Kajol says about ongoing unrest in India

The world is aware about the ongoing protests in India that are increasing from one city to another, creating chaos in most parts of the country. Not only the common people, but the celebrities in India are also concerned with the current situation. Many Bollywood celebrities have also joined the protestors whereas some are speaking about it on social media. Veteran actress Kajol is one of them.

The Baazigar actress was of the view that the voices of people should be heard and the mindset should be changed. With expressing the support for the protests, Kajol also highlighted the issue of increasing rape cases in India.

The Bollywood actor says that this is the most important issue that should be reported and dealt with. She says that she is happy people are talking about it and taking to streets against this brutal thing.

“I think there is a lot being reported right now. There are a lot of talking and chatter about it right now. This chatter is good because I am hoping it will change the mindset of the entire country and society,” the Fanaa actor said.

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She adds: “It’s not new. It’s been happening from time immemorial but we are talking about it today and only now we have cases being reported. It’s good that people are talking about it. Conversations and debates are happening and, yes, this mindset is being brought to light. Our society has been patriarchal for ages, so we have only recently started talking about it openly.”

The actress also shared that this change can also shape the idea of the society.

“We are shining a big, strong spotlight on it and, hopefully, that will burn away some of the debate around it, some of the hard angles around it. Somewhere down the line (it will) burn our ideas also, of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a man.”

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