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Here’s what Hamza Ali Abbasi says about coronavirus?

The scourge of coronavirus has spread to several countries now. It started from China’s Wuhan city and has taken more than 600 lives in the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 20,000 more cases had been reported since the emergence of virus in January.

Where doctors from all around the world are finding possible cure of the virus, WHO has declared a global health emergency in order to save precious lives. It is being reported that mega cities are taking measures to stop the virus from entering their country.


It is not yet known what is the reason behind this deadly disease and what caused this (coronavirus) to spread from one human being to other. However, some religious fundamentalists were quick to declare this disease as a punishment from God. Pakistani religious scholars also say that the coronavirus is an Azaab (punishment) from Allah for the Chinese.

“Pakistani [religious] scholars are saying that China is facing this punishment for being rude to Muslims. Chinese authorities ripped off the hijab from Muslim women in Xinjiang province, which made God angry and HE decided to punish them through the coronavirus,” said a report published by a Chinese newspaper.


Not only the religious scholars, but some Pakistani celebrities also discussed this virus. Former actor Hamza Ali Abbasi is also among those who believe that this virus outbreak is just a reminder from Allah. The Pyaray Afzal actor took to Twitter to express his views on the issue saying that people should stop calling the virus a Azaab.

“Azaab in this world ONLY comes to munkireen of a Rasool when he is among them, for the rest, there is the Judgment Day. Whether it be a virus outbreak or an earthquake, these are means to bring death on centre stage as a reminder for all. Show sympathy. May Allah protect us all.

“So to those who are branding such incidents as Azaab in this world for whatever reason, STOP. Don’t make a mockery out of Allah’s deen and instead, help in any way U can or at least pray for the affected and for those who are helping them and trying to find a cure.”

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