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Here’s how much Shamoon Abbasi’s Durj made at Pakistan box office

Shamoon Abbasi directorial Durj seems not attracting Pakistani audience even after hitting the screens for many days now. The movie was banned to release in Pakistan by the federal censor board.

Maybe that was the reason and because the audience were not able to see the movie, the movie started wrapping up its run in Pakistan with very poor results. However, some critics say that the film’s genre was very tough to pull at the box office and it was always expected to struggle but thanks to the ban on the film it got some eyeballs and buzz.

The film got delayed by a week due to ban and opened opposite Kaaf Kangana.

The movie (Durj) managed to make about Rs. 1.3 million on the first day, and maybe it was due to the buzz created by the ban by the censor board. However, Shamoon Abbasi would have definitely been unhappy with the results and earnings from day two. The film fell flat over the weekend followed by a crash over the weekdays.

Durj collected around Rs. 5 million from October 19 to October 23. Here, after way too low business in the first week, Shamoon had soon realized that the performance of the movie was very slow and he had already feared it won’t collect much once the week ends. Well, we must say he was right.

The film made very little amount in second and third weeks and now it is about to be taken off of most cinemas with the aggregate going around PKR 6 million.

About the movie

Shamoon Abbasi, the versatile actor and now the director, has gone and attempted something completely different this time. He has highlight the cannibalism in Pakistan with his feature-length directorial debut.

In an interview, Abbasi said that the thing that inspired him to go for this type of project was because it was based on three real-life incidents that happened in Pakistan.

“All these horrific stories became a nightmare for me. And no one was talking about it. No one was concerned about this certain type of people who were doing it. So for me, the fact that there were no laws to handle this zombie-like phenomenon became a question. It made me want to make a film like Durj on this,” Shamoon said.

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Shamoon Abbasi

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